What is Old — Gen Z vs. Baby Boomers

Researchers at Wellsoon at Practice Plus Group talked to 2,000 adults about age. They wanted to know what these groups considered to be the age where you are considered old.

The most interesting answers came from the 18 to 27 year old group, Generation Z. That group says old age is the late 50s, and 20% of Gen Z thinks retirement means spending all your days lounging around in an armchair.

Another 16% think you just putter around.

Baby boomers totally disagree and 66% say they feel younger than their age. After all, 60 is the new 40. Some Boomers believe their active lifestyle helps them maintain that youthful spirit that says old age might not exist.

By the way, of all the generations, Boomers are the most active. They spend an average of four hours more outdoors after work than their Gen Z and Millennial counterparts. Here’s a fun fact:

  • 56% of baby boomers spend time exercising
  • Just 39% of people 18 to 27 do the same

“Older generations are extremely active, and many older people are more active than some of their younger friends and family members,” the Wellsoon news release said. “With almost half of younger people saying being too busy with work and too tired held them back from being more active. Older people are getting the most out of retirement and have reached an age where they’re comfortable in their own skin and appreciate their bodies and their health.”

While a lot of baby boomers say they feel more active and youthful, 37% said they would be more active if it weren’t for health issues and joints that don’t work quite as well as they used to work.

“We’ve always known that people coming to us for hip and knee replacements and hernia repair aren’t doing so to get back to their armchairs,” Wellsoon said. “They want to go dancing, cycling, hiking, they want to swim on holiday and run around in the park with their grandchildren.” The final advice from Wellsoon to millennials and Generation Z? Learn something from the baby boomers who truly do understand the definition of work-life balance.

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