What We Already Know — Consumers Prefer Insurance Agents Over Technology


Those of us working in the business already know this but it’s nice to see a survey bear out this truth. Technology and a lot of online buying options have NOT changed the minds of consumers. They want to work with, and buy insurance from, an independent insurance agent.

In our case, it is an independent agent of the PIA.

One form of proof of this premise — other than the survey information we’re about to share — is what some of the direct-to-consumer model insurance companies. They’re moving their business model from strictly online contact to using agents.

And this isn’t just for the benefit of older consumers.

A survey done by Agent Hero says from Generation Z on up, consumers want to work with a person and not with a computer, or a phone. They find value in working with that agent. Here are some numbers:

65% of all consumers will use an agent in the future

81% of Baby Boomers will

79% of Generation X consumers will

84% of Millennials like agents and will keep using them

69% of Generation Z consumers who have worked with an agent will do so again

Here’s a link to the Agent Hero survey. You’ll find the conclusions found there, fascinating: https://bit.ly/3Mz0zgB


Source link: PropertyCasualt360.com — https://bit.ly/3Kolykw

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