Working Remotely — Is it Losing its Luster?

Apartment List — the free service to help people find apartments — has done a study of working remotely. COVID has changed work, and where we work from, and the survey finds that working remotely is now deeply engrained in business, our economy and our society.

The study noted that in April of 2020, a majority of us — 51% — were working from home half the time. In December of 2020 that figure fell to 44%.

A year later in April of 2021 the study’s figures show that 56% of the remote workers were working from home exclusively. That compares to 47% in December of the same year.

Though the number dropped a bit, it appears — Apartment List says — that remote work has firmly entrenched itself into the U.S. economy.

Of those working at home exclusively, Apartment List’s April of 2021 survey found 77% will be able to do so permanently. It’s what their companies want. That number grew a point to 78% in December of last year.

The survey also noted that “hybrid” arrangements are also gaining in popularity with employees and employers. The April of 2021 survey found 40% of workers expected their employers to let them work in some sort of hybrid situation.

The number expecting full time remote work fell in December of 2021 to 33% but employees expecting something of a hybrid work system rose to 45%. However, as it stood in December, 40% of the nations workforce were still working from home.

Apartment List’s December survey also found all generations liking the idea of working remotely.

Baby boomers like remote work the best at 62% while 54% of Generation X would like to work from home. Just over half of millennial workers want to work remotely. Generation Z is the only generation that isn’t all that excited about working from home.

The survey found just 36% of that generation found remote work extremely desirable.

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