Your Phone has been Hacked — How to Tell

Your Phone has been Hacked — How to Tell

Cybercriminals love smartphones. We spend so much time on them, and they’re so easily hacked, that they’ve become crime magnets. RSA Security says 60% of all the fraud done in this country comes via our smartphones.

And around 80% of that fraud is done through an app installed on that phone.

By the way, no phone is immune to cybercriminals. Any of them are vulnerable and can be used to grab money out of bank accounts, be used to push other kinds of financial fraud, hack private data, track the location and movement of the phone owner, their usage, what they do online, etc. recently did a top-10 list for consumers to help them decide if they’re smartphone has been hacked. Here’s the list:

1. Random rebooting — this is indicative of spyware or infiltration of your phone’s operating system by a remote user.

2. Your phone runs slow — also indicative of spyware operating in the background.

3. Continually getting unusual, or strange, text messages — these texts can give an infiltrator an idea of where you are at any given time, or at the very worst, can help them gain control of your phone completely.

4. The phone overheats — it seems to be working overtime and often is because of malicious applications running in the background.

5. Data usage skyrocketing — if your data usage takes an uncharacteristic increase, you could have bad actors working in the background.

6. You find unfamiliar apps installed on your phone — routinely look at your settings folder to see what applications are there and make sure they are familiar to you.

7. Your battery drains quite quickly — it could be that your phone is just old and has a failing battery, or it cold be that spyware is consuming all of your phone’s energy.

8. When you power down and turn off your phone it takes a long time — could be a sign that your phone has been hacked.

9. You hear weird sounds on a call — Beeps or noises of other kinds could mean a spyware creep is listening in.

10. Activity when your phone is in standby mode — your phone should be sleeping but keeps lighting up for no reason, or makes unusual sounds.

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