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Member Benefit: AVYST eForms Wizard
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Sign up now to try AVYST eForms Wizard and receive Gold-Level Access through March 31, 2019



Why AVYST eForms?

  • As a producer in an independent agency, are you tired of the endless back and forth working with your underwriters?
  • Do new, required forms somehow show up late in the process?
  • Do last-minute data corrections make it difficult to obtain accurate quotes at the outset?


Type it once and you're done.

AVYST eForms Wizard is a fast and easy solution that will allow you to quickly prepare submissions. Each form has intelligence that allows information to be keyed once and shared across all other applications and forms for that client*

* Gold version allows sharing

AVYST eForms Wizard

Q:  Do you have to be a PIA Member to have access to AVYST eForms Wizard trial?

A:  Yes!


Q:  How does the FREE Trial of the AVYST Gold Level Access work?

A:  PIA Members are able to take advantage of a FREE trial of AVYST Gold-Level Package until March 31, 2018!

Because we want you to experience the full benefits the software has to offer, we'd like to treat your entire staff to take advantage of the full-featured, "gold" version of the software until March 31, 2018.


Q:  What is the pricing structure after the trial ends?

A:  Review the pricing structure here.


Q:  Do I have to download any software?

A:   If you have already received an email from AVYST with login credentials and have misplaced the email,

click here.  If you have not received prior communications about AVYST eForms Wizard, click here.


Q:  How does eForms Wizard help me?

A: The AVYSE eForms Wizard expedites the completion of hundreds of included ACORD forms for:

  • commercial lines
  • personal and high-value clients
  • professional lines
  • agriculture
  • bonds
  • proof of insurance
  • and more! 


Q:  Are agents able to share this data across teams?

A:  Yes!  Agents are able to build, share, and edit forms across their team and send forms as a secure PDF to multiple underwriters when ready. This easy-to-use solution will allow your agency staff to prepare submissions quickly and easily, eliminate redundant entry, and collaborate with others to complete applications.


Q:  Are you able to share forms with wholesalers and carriers?

A:  Yes!  Share these forms and get to market in hours.


Q:  Are you able to input data across multiple forms?

A:  Yes!


Q:  Am I able to access documents offline?

A:  Yes!  Your forms are available off or online, during your client interview, with or without the Internet.


Q:  Are the IRMI definitions integrated?

A:  Yes!  IRMI definitions are integrated, enabling producers to easily discuss coverage options.


Q:  Am I able to create packages of applications?

A:  Yes!  Create packages of applications to ensure your producers cross-sell.


Q:  What format are these documents in?

A:  A secure PDF or editable format. Build, share and edit forms across your team.




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