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Publications by The Academy

Discover how insurance publications by The Academy will change the way you do business!

For identifying current trends and getting straight-up information to help meet the challenges of the insurance industry, Academy publications are just the resource you’ve been searching for.

The Academy features books about improving the agency’s sales and marketing efforts, streamlining performance, managing growth, and enhancing service. You’ll also find practical publications about exposures, exclusions, and coverages that belong on the shelves of every practicing insurance professional.

A Tedious Brief History of Insurance (Also available as eBook-PDF and EPUB formats)
This tedious brief history examines the origins of most types of insurance coverages, insuring mechanisms, insurance laws and regulations, insurance customs and practices, and, just for fun, some of the less-proud moments in the insurance world; it helps everyone to appreciate how interesting a boring subject can be. Read More
Agency Disaster Planning:

Get Your Agency Ready!

Develop a new disaster plan or improve an existing one to handle any type of disaster. Read about the 15 personal disaster interview stories of people who endured disasters in their agencies and communities.
Read More

Agency Fee-Based ServicesAgency Fee-Based Services:

How to Provide Insurance and Risk Management Services

(Also available as eBook)
Readers can learn from the interview stories how agencies are providing services to increase revenues and attract new accounts. This study offers suggestions from an expert panel. Read More

Critical Factors Affecting Agency Value (Also available as eBook)

Critical Factors Affecting Agency Value shows agency owners the most important factors affecting agency value. Use important benchmarks to compare the performance of your agency. Learn what is most rewarding about being an agency owner, and what their greatest challenges are. Read More

CSR Profile:Unique Views of Insurance Customer Service Representatives, Account Managers, and Account Executives
(Also available as eBook) The CSR Profile is the insurance industry's preeminent source for current information on customer service representatives and other service positions. Read More
Dynamics of Selling: Audio Series The Dynamics of Selling Audio Series helps producers to maximize their potential with street-tested sales skills. This audio series is based on the popular three-day Dynamics of Selling program ... Read More
Dynamics of Selling: The Diagnostic Appointment (DVD)

(DVD) was designed to help you implement the training you received while attending the Dynamics of Selling program. The DVD is a great sales-meeting and producer coaching tool... Read More

Dynamics Package
The Dynamics Package - Save $20 when you buy both! When you need practical sales reinforcement or just need to brush up on what you learned in your Dynamics of Selling course, we have the package for you. This package will help you refresh, review, and reinforce your selling skills... Read More

Executive Liability Insurance
(Also available as eBook)

Executive Liability Insurance is a guidebook that thoroughly explains the exposure and coverage issues. The book is written by Richard (Dick) Clarke, CIC, CPCU, RPLU, a leading expert... Read More

Fundamentos de la Administración de Riesgos (También está disponible como eBook)Fundamentos de la Administración de Riesgos es una guía completa que explica los fundamentos de la administración de riesgos. Esta guía cubre una amplia base de información para formar la comprensión fundamental de los principios de la administración de riesgos y sus cuestiones ... Read More
Growth & Performance Standards
(New 10th edition available now as eBook)

The Growth & Performance Standards study provides benchmarks for comparing independent agency performance. Independent insurance agency owners use the results to compare their agency's performance against their agency peer group... Read More

Insurance Essentials
(Also available as eBook)

Property and Casualty Insurance Essentials is a comprehensive guide that teaches the basics of property and casualty insurance. This guide supplies you with basic knowledge, yet it covers a wide breadth of information... Read More

NEW! Life & Benefits Essentials 2nd edition (Also available as eBook)

Life & Benefits Essentials is a comprehensive guide that teaches the basics of life insurance and benefits. This guide supplies you with basic knowledge, while it covers a wide breadth of information... Read More

Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency

Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency

(Also available as eBook)
This comprehensive book provides the detailed information to help insurance agencies with managing their HR responsibilities. The author, Jon Persky, CIC, CPA, PHR, has drawn upon his years of teaching and consulting. Read More

Net Income Risk Management
(Also available as eBook)

Net Income Risk Management examines the areas of net income exposures that are difficult to handle. Net income exposures are caused by the loss of use of property or loss of a key employee, and... Read More

Producer Profile: Compensation, Production, and Responsibilities
(Also available as eBook)

The Producer Profile is based on a survey of over 600 P&C producers from independent insurance agencies to determine how producers are performing with respect to compensation, sales production, responsibilities, qualifications, education, and training... Read More

Risk Management Essentials 2nd Edition (Also available as eBook)

Risk Management Essentials is a comprehensive guide that discusses the basics of risk management. This guide covers a wide breadth of information to form the fundamental understanding of risk management principles and issues... Read More

Risk Manager Profile (Also available as eBook)

Risk Manager Profile is based on a survey of nearly 500 risk managers and contains 10 interview vignettes of experienced risk management professionals. This new study offers a glimpse into career paths and present responsibilities... [Not included in The Profile Package]
Read More

NEW! Starting, Buying, Selling, and Perpetuating Insurance Agencies (Also available as eBook)

Starting, Buying, Selling, and Perpetuating Insurance Agencies Starting, Buying, Selling, and Perpetuating Insurance Agencies is a valuable resource for insurance agency owners who wish to improve a perpetuation plan, purchase or merge with an agency, or sell an existing agency. This guide can also assist an experienced insurance professional in starting an insurance agency from scratch... Read More

Street Smart Selling: Beliefs, Strategies, and Management Ideas of Successful Insurance Professionals (Also available as eBook)

Street Smart Selling helps producers improve their sales results with practical sales tips and strategies. The author, Edwin L. Lamont, CIC, CRM, used his years of experience and know-how to produce a book that presents advanced sales topics... Read More

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