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Meet our Elite: Recent CSIR Elite designations
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CISR Elite Designation PIA Western Alliance


Q:  What is the CISR Elite Designation?

A:  The CISR Elite Designation adds to the CISR — Certified Insurance Service Representative — designation. It notes an ongoing commitment to professionalism. Earning the CISR designation comes when you complete five of the nine CISR courses in three-years.


Getting a CISR Elite designation happens when you finish the other four courses in the next three years.

Courses taken are:

  Insuring Commercial Property

  Commercial Casualty I

  Commercial Casualty II

  Insuring Personal Residential Property

  Insuring Personal Auto Exposures

  Personal Lines Miscellaneous

  Agency Operations

  Elements of Risk Management

  Life & Health Essentials


If you’re aiming for a CISR Elite designation you can gain your CISR update requirement while working on your elite designation. It’s accomplishing both while attending one course.


Meet the Elite!

Emily Elsbree

Emily has a CISR Elite designation. She works at RSC of CA Insurance Brokerage in Happy Valley, Oregon and said, “Earning my CISR Elite designation has given me the confidence and ability to discuss various insurance needs with my clients. It has helped me build the knowledge that I need to go into my job every day and provide the exceptional service that my clients deserve.”


Melissa Dalton

Melissa Dalton

Melissa Dalton of Travelers Insurance in Spokane, Washington has earned the CISR Elite designation. She has been working in insurance for a decade and began her career answer phones and helping customers with questions and changes.

That all changed with the CISR designation and now the CISR Elite designation.

“Earning my Elite CISR Designation means that I have the passion and the drive to continually learn more about the industry, and be better aligned to help my customers and agents. I completed all 9 courses to improve myself and to round out my knowledge, not just focusing on my specific field (at the time I was in Commercial Small Business), but broadening my knowledge with all areas of focus. This has continued to be valuable as I have moved back to the Personal Insurance side of the business and am working with agents daily,” she said.


Sharon Escandon

Sharon Escandon

Sharon Escandon of Lacey, Washington works with AssuredPartners of Arizona, LLC. She said, “As soon as the Elite designation was announced, I put it on my professional ‘bucket list’ and began taking the extended classes. I found the extended classes interesting and challenging, so completing the Elite program really satisfied my personal challenge and allowed me to check off an item on my bucket list!”



Jessica Cromer

Valley Insurance’s Jessica Cromer in LaGrande, Oregon urges setting a goal of acquiring a CISR Elite designation.

“The CISR classes have provided with me a great educational base to start a lifelong career in the insurance industry. Obtaining the CISR Elite designation has validated that decision. It has given me confidence to sit down with a client and be able to complete a comprehensive review of their insurance needs. I am extremely grateful for all the benefits the CISR classes have provided me, from continuing education to networking,” she said.

And Jessica’s next goal? “Now, bring on the CIC classes!” she said.


Darcy Beck

Darcy Beck

Darcey Beck of Wenner-Davis & Associates in Port Angeles, Washington said the CISR designation wasn’t a requirement of her employer. “I sought it out myself, hoping to gain additional knowledge and perspectives to provide proper service to customers. It has allowed me to view my policies different and my customers better, allowing me to look inside the box, as well as outside, under, on top, and around that same box,” she noted.


Earning your CISR Elite Designation

What's in it for you?


  Current, practical, up-to-date information you can apply immediately in your day-to-day interaction with customers.

  Complete knowledge of risks, coverages and exposures — knowledge that helps to make you a truly superior insurance service professional.

  Cross-selling and account-rounding skills to compliment your understanding of risks and exposures.

 •  The one-day classes or self-paced online agendas give maximum knowledge with a minimum amount of time away from the office.


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