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Cyber 101
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The 7  most common cyber risks

Cyber 101 is the newest educational resource created by PIA National and The PIA Partnership to help educate PIA members and their clients about the 7 most common cyber risks.

  • Fraudulent funds transfer
  • Extortion / ransomware
  • Social engineering
  • Business interruption
  • Data breach / privacy
  • Network Security
  • Website media liability


Q:  Do I have to be a PIA member to participateiin the Cyber 101 courses?

A:  Yes.  However, you can also be a Non-PIA members appointed by Partnership companies.  To learn which companies are Partnership companies, visit our partner page.


Q: What's in it for you?

A:  Become a subject matter expert on Cyber coverage. Producers and CSRs using the Cyber 101 resources will become confident in their abilities to thoughtfully talk about cyber risks and coverage.


Q:  How often are Cyber 101 webinars?

A:  Each month, Cyber 101 will introduces new resources and coverage's they offer.

These topic-specific resources will include:

Interactive claims examples

  • 1-page PDFs explaining the risk
  • 30 minute webinars
  • PIA agents can also personalize and provide their clients with general cyber educational resources. 
  •  All webinars will be recorded and made available on the Cyber 101 website

Q:  How do I access Cyber 101? 


      This is a PIA Member Only Product.



Helpful Downloads


Download me!


Download me!

 Start writing cyber insurance, today!

Protect Your Clients With PIA's Cyber Insurance Program


PIA members can sell the same great PIA cyber insurance coverage that many have already purchased for their own agency.

PIA's cyber insurance is the first cyber insurance program tailor-made for small and medium-sized businesses.

The PIA enhanced cyber insurance policy covers both first- and third-party loss for the most common cyber risks such as social engineering, funds transfer fraud, ransomware, network interruption, data breach, network security, and media liability.

In addition to the seven coverage parts, PIA members' clients are provided with special PIA enhancements and reduced rates compared to ABAIS's standard program for social engineering coverage.

PIA members who sell the PIA cyber insurance receive 12.5% in sales commission.

Getting started is easy. Start protecting your clients today.

Need more information?
Watch a pre-recorded webinar.

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Contact your local PIA affiliate.

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