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Cyber 101
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 Educating your agency about 

 the 7 most common cyber risks

Cyber 101 is the newest educational resource created by PIA National and The PIA Partnership to help educate PIA members and their clients about the 7 most common cyber risks.

Fraudulent funds transfer


Social engineering

Business interruption

Data breach/privacy

Network security

Website media liability



Q:  Do I have to be a PIA member to participateiin the Cyber 101 courses?

A:  Yes.  However, you can also be a Non-PIA members appointed by Partnership companies.  To learn which companies are Partnership companies, visit our partner page.


Q: What's in it for you?

A:  Become a subject matter expert on Cyber coverage. Producers and CSRs using the Cyber 101 resources will become confident in their abilities to thoughtfully talk about cyber risks and coverage.


Q:  How often are Cyber 101 webinars?

A:  Each month, Cyber 101 will introduce new resources on one of these topics:


fraudulent funds transfer


social engineering

business interruption

data breach/privacy

network security

website media liability


These topic-specific resources will include:

Interactive claims examples

 1-page PDFs explaining the risk

 30-minute webinars


PIA agents can also personalize and provide their clients with general cyber educational resources. All webinars will be recorded and made available on the Cyber 101 website

Q:  How do I access Cyber 101? 

  • Members

Login here to access Cyber 101

  • Non-PIA members

Click here to access Cyber 101

  • Other agents

Click here to become a PIA member



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Download me!


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