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Cyber and Privacy Insurance

PIA and U.S. Risk Brokers, Inc. are pleased to announce an exclusive Cyber & Privacy Insurance program for PIA Members.This new product is being offered by Capitol Specialty Insurance Corp. (Rated "A" by A.M. Best) on their newly created CPR "Premier" Policy.

Program Highlights

  • Minimum Premium starts at $500

  • Basic Limits of $500,000 and $1 million (higher limits available upon request)

  • Notification Costs & Credit Monitoring of 25,000 Individuals provided outside the limits, (with no minimum record threshold or dollar sublimit)- higher record limits available upon request

  • Includes Foreign Notification Costs

  • First Dollar Coverage for Attorney Services Costs for Breach Response Services

  • Regulatory Defense & Penalties Coverage for Privacy Law violations

  • Website Media Coverage included

  • Network Extortion Coverage included

  • PCI Fines and Costs

  • First Party - Business Income Loss, Extra Expenses and Data Asset Recovery (Available for 25% additional premium)

  • Broad Definition of PII & PHI (Personally Identifiable Information) and Corporate Confidential Information Coverage included

  • Broad Definition of Damages, including Pre & Post Judgment Interest and Punitive Damages with Most Favorable Venue language

  • Broad Definition of Insured including Independent Contractors

  • Coverage for rogue employees including severability & final adjudication language for criminal/fraudulent acts

  • Broad 50/50 Consent to Settle Clause

  • Extended Reporting Period Options of 1, 2 & 3 Years

  • 90 day automatic coverage for newly acquired or created entities

  • Unintentional failure to comply with Privacy Policies

  • Carve back for Anti-trust violations

Download the Program Highlight PDF

Other Key Features

  • Web-Based Quoting & Binding

  • Direct Billing to Agent

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