Help your CSRs serve better and sell more with the newest PIA West member benefit.

The PIA recognizes that we all could use a boost of motivation from time to time. That’s why we have teamed up with master sales coach Sheldon Snodgrass to enlighten and ignite your sales confidence.

The Insurance CSR Sales Master Class will help your CSRs cross-sell and up-sell, account round, handle objections, generate more referrals, and close new business with greater comfort, confidence, and consistency.

The series provides entertaining, self-paced lessons to help you cross-sell and upsell, handle objections, generate referrals, and close new business inquiries with greater consistency and joy.

What is Insurance CSR Sales Master Class? These modules help turn staff into catalysts that boost the lifetime customer value to the agency through 6, field-tested and validated lessons that are fun, focused, and growth-oriented.

The Master Class 6 Modules:

  • Module 1: Increase Your Service Task to Sales Ask Effectiveness
  • Module 2: Improve Your Outbound Call Effectiveness
  • Module 3: Boost Your Inbound, New Business Closing rate
  • Module 4: Handle Objections with Ease and Trial Close Without Sounding Pushy
  • Module 5: Generate More High-Quality Referrals
  • Module 6: Achieve Long Lasting Success in Areas of Your Life

Learn more with Sheldon’s free previews of all six modules from this self-paced, on-demand, CSR sales course that uses interactive, video tutorials delivered with humor, compassion, and fire.  




“Sheldon’s program is one of the best I’ve seen for helping to train personal lines producers and CSRs in account rounding, cross-selling, and turning prospects into clients. It is simple to replicate from a scripting point of view and maybe more important it guides them in their mental approach, which is critical to their success.” – Phil Oliver, Managing Partner, Central Sequoia Ins & Fin Services LLC

Western Alliance is thrilled to partner with Sheldon to bring
PIA Western Alliance members a 25% discount on his Insurance CSR Sales Master Class.

The Masterclass regular price is $400, but with your PIA Member discount, the first license is only $300! Plus, you get 50% off every additional license for your whole service team. 

Additionally, $20 of every first license purchase goes to support PIA’s Community Foundation, which supports charitable causes near and dear to us all.  Learn more about PIA’s Community Foundation here.

This is a PIA Western Alliance Member only benefit.  To receive your special discount code, please contact PIA Western Alliance directly at 360-571-7100.


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