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CPIA - Certified Professional Insurance Agent

Empowering Insurance Professionals into the Future

The CPIA designation is first-of-its-kind, hands-on, how-to training. To earn the CPIA designation candidates are required to participate in a series of three, one-day seminars THE BEST PART IS NO EXAMS!
Completion is due three years from the first course.

These seminars are designed to enhance the ability of producers, sales support staff, and company personnel to efficiently create and distribute effective insurance programs. Participants leave with ideas that will produce sales results immediately.

While not a requirement, it is recommended that courses are taken in order.E&O Discounts apply for Utica National Policy Holders.

Each of the 3 courses are approved for 7 CE in
AZ | CA | ID | MT | NM | NV | OR | WA

Course Modules

Position for Success

Implement for Success

Sustain Success

During this workshop, participants focus on internal and external factors affecting
the creation of effective business development goals.

Factors discussed include:

current state of the insurance                 marketplace

competitive pressures

insurance carrier underwriting criteria

consumer expectations.

During this workshop, participants learn:

specific tools for analyzing consumer needs

how to utilize risk identification techniques to gather pertinent prospect

skills necessary to assimilate information gathered into customized coverage recommendations

how to prepare a complete submission

tips for preparing and presenting a comprehensive insurance proposal

This workshop focuses on fulfilling the implied promises contained in the insuring agreement.

Participants will:

review methods of providing evidence of insurance coverage

discuss policies and procedures for controlling errors and omissions including policy review and delivery, endorsements, claims-processing, and handling of client complaints

learn how to calculate the lifetime value of a client and techniques for generating referrals.

CPIA Update Requirement

The Certified Professional Insurance Agent designation stands for professionalism, commitment to professional training and results, and technical knowledge. To maintain the right
to use the CPIA designation, designees must complete an update on an annual basis * or maintain a Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond level membership with the CPIA Program.

* CPIA 1, CPIA 2, CPIA 3, Special Topics:

An Agent’s Guide to Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Exposures

Disaster and Continuity Planning for Business and Families

An E&O Loss Control Program for Agencies

We — the American people — have a growing love affair with artificial intelligence (AI). At this point, a lot of you are scratching your head wondering what that means. A lot of us are now using AI to do a number of things for us. Here’s a list of just some of the uses:

  • Personalized shopping
  • Some of us use it as an AI-Powered Assistant to remind us of things to do
  • Fraud prevention on our smart devices
  • Creating smart content
  • Voice assistants
  • Personalized learning
  • Helping to drive our cars and trucks
  • And more…

The AI love affair was recently revealed by website designer, YACSS. It took a deep look at Google keywords data of search terms often used by people searching for AI help in the last year.

The terms defined as AI were combined to determine how often, per month, people in each state used AI to assist them in a number of ways. The results were released in a per 100,000 format.

Utah is the state doing the most AI use but the PIA Western Alliance States of Oregon and Washington were second and third in the most use. Association states Alaska and Idaho were sixth and eighth respectively.

A YACSS spokesperson put the growth in AI use in perspective.

“The use of Artificial Intelligence in the US is on the rise, and it’s clear to see why,” the unidentified spokesperson said. “It is frequently used to reduce time spent on tedious tasks as well as provide users with endless creative possibilities, and this is all available at the touch of a button. The most recent surge in popularity of ChatGPT has caused millions of Americans to use the tool in everyday life, introducing them to AI.”

The spokesperson noted that AI is also much more accurate than we mere humans.

“Artificial Intelligence is excellent for improving accuracy and precision while reducing common errors in writing,” the person noted. “As well as introducing a whole industry of new jobs alongside aiding huge sectors such as education, healthcare, finance, marketing, cybersecurity and many more.”

Here are the top-10 states most interested in the use of AI

1. Utah

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 202.91

2. Oregon

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 192.21

3. Washington

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 187.0

4. Vermont

5. Colorado

6. Alaska

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 169.03

7. New Hampshire

8. Idaho

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 159.87

9. Wyoming

10. Maine

The rest of the PIA Western Alliance States:

11. Montana

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 154.96

12. California

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 150.14

13. Nevada

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 148.84

18. Arizona

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 136.02

33. New Mexico

Average volume per 100,000 for all AI tools — 119.71

The states least likely to use AI:

47. Mississippi

46. Louisiana

45. Alabama

44. Arkansas

43. South Carolina

42. New Jersey

41. Georgia

40. Pennsylvania

39. North Carolina

38. Wisconsin

Source link: The Good Men Project —