Strength lies in the partnerships we keep.

Forging powerful alliances is the most strategic thing we can do for our members.

The concept of market access isn't just about market access anymore. A business has to be nimble to the ever-changing market landscape to stay competitive. The market and the industry demands it!

This has us asking the question......

How can we assist our members to grow and thrive?

It is with this philosophy that we are pleased to
announce a new Partnership with
FirstChoice, a MarshBerry Company!

PIA Western Alliance members now have the opportunity to focus on real organic growth. PIA Western Alliance members who participate in MarshBerry’s FirstChoice program will find new doors are wide open to a robust network of renowned industry expertise, consulting, data benchmarks and resources.
As the largest network in the country, the FirstChoice program is powered by data driven leadership. MarshBerry’s commitment to delivering high quality services with a deep understanding of the insurance industry have made them a well respected and reliable partner for many businesses seeking to grow and succeed.

Our partnership is more than just Market Access.  The PIA Western Alliance seeks to enhance the building blocks necessary for our members by providing products, services and partnerships to stay competitive. 
Program highlights:
  • Over 70 markets across the country
  • 35 carriers in the Western Alliance States
  • Own your Book, 100%
  • Members receive 100% of commission directly from the carrier
  • Profit share paid from $1 of aggregated premium
  • Additional bonus incentives and overrides
  • No additional start up fees – just pay the monthly FirstChoice fee and your membership with Western Alliance is included
  • Member portal – houses information on premium, bonuses, carrier information,
    operational resources
  • Dedicated FirstChoice Regional Leader – assists with carrier relationships, strategic carrier planning and industry information
  • Risk Placement Team for admitted small and middle market commercial along with
    limited high value home
  • Carrier training and education support
  • Technology consultation – assesses systems, website, and social media advice
  • Data benchmarking – see how your agency stacks against other agencies around the country
  • Resource support that includes check lists, human resources, and agency management information
  • Annual “In Motion” member meeting
What do you have to do?  MarshBerry’s FirstChoice program pays the highest carrier commissions available and as long as your agency remains a member in good standing with the Western Alliance, you can participate in lucrative FirstChoice profit sharing benefits. 
What is this going to cost my agency?  As a Western Alliance member, your agency’s membership dues will be covered by the FirstChoice program.
The FirstChoice program is $500 per month and includes all of MarshBerry’s extensive services. The enhanced profit sharing revenue, bonuses and overrides will easily pay for the FirstChoice monthly fee. It will add additional profit and increase the value of your agency.
What does that mean exactly for new and current Western Alliance members?  By virtue of signing up for the FirstChoice program, new members joining the Western Alliance will see their dues benefit immediately.  Existing members will also enjoy this dues benefit effective upon their next renewal.
As a new or current member of the PIA Western Alliance, you can easily join this program by submitting your interest to get started and we will contact you.