We promote your company through a multitude of ways

Our Website

Your linked logo on our home page Sterling Partner rotator. Your company listing and brief description on our Sterling Partners web that links to your company's own dedicated web page with your approved marketing.

Our Social Media Channels

We will pair social media postings with your approved messaging 2 x per year.

Our Events

  • First choice of booth space at PIA hosted events
  • Discounted booth space (20%)
  • Customized company signage at the event
  • Host 2 of your best agents at a state or regional event
  • Host a golf hole at PIA state or regional Golf Tournament
  • Our Educational Programs

  • 1 free PIA hosted webinar for CE. Share with your best agents or use if yourself for colleague.
  • 1 free CPIA course annually. Share with your best agents or use if yourself for colleague.
  • member pricing on professional continuing education and webinars - many offering CE credits.

  • Sterling Partnership supports PIA's Government Affairs efforts

    PIA's lobbyist monitors bills affecting independent agents and engages in PC issues. Sterling members support PIA's efforts to streamline regulations and benefit from their lobbying and grassroots work on Capitol Hill and in state capitols. A healthy regulatory climate means more profits for you, your company, and the agents you do business with.

    Our Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Insert a message inside our member mail communication, invoices and member kits

  • Have a printed flyer sent to us to include in our membership kits and monthly mailings.
  • Many companies  remember how we were structured by ‘Affiliate Chapters” prior to 2024.  Often times for a Sterling Partner member, having an additional state they didn’t do business in created some issues we couldn’t readily resolve under our old Affiliate Agreements. 

    With newly restructured Affiliate Agreements with PIA National, we now have the ability to tailor a Sterling Partner membership to the state(s) your company does business in. It also means each of the 10 states we serve will get the individual attention as we move forward as a regional association. 

    Good things are happing! The Western Alliance has over 600 member agencies across the West.  We can tailor our marketing more effectively with your messaging in several different ways that creates lasting value.

    You’re In Good Company

    Our Sterling Partners agree…they see value in investing in PIA and their educational and advocacy efforts.

    Sterling Partner Annual Membership Dues

    Choose 1 or all 10 states
    $ 1,800 base rate Annually
    • Base rate for first 2 States are $1,800 each. The more states your company joins, the bigger the discount received! Join 10 states and get a 40% discount!
    • Join 3 states for a 5% discount. $5130
    • Join 4 states for a 10% discount. $6,480
    • Join 5 states for 15% discount. $7,650
    • Join 6 states for a 20% discount. $8,640
    • Join 7 states for a 25% discount. $9,450
    • Join 8 states for a 30% discount. $10,080
    • Join 9 states for a 35% discount. $10,530
    • Join all 10 states and enjoy a 40% discount! $10,800