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Each year the Washington State Legislature considers dozens of proposals that would have a direct impact on the insurance products that you sell, the way that you conduct your business, and the regulatory and tax obligations that are applicable to you.  Elections matter, and the issues that are important to you are directly affected by who the voters send to Olympia.  In coming months campaign ads will be up on TV, political signs will be popping up in all of our neighborhoods, and candidates will be actively out shaking hands and talking about their priorities.  What sometimes gets lost in all of the balloons, confetti, and banners are the big issues—and big risks—that matter for you and your clients.

As you know, two years ago (2013) licensed insurance agents and brokers faced down repeated tax increase proposals—including a proposal that would have raised the B&O taxes imposed on licensed insurance producers by a whopping 271%! The PIA successfully worked to defeat these damaging tax plans, but these threats will be back again…count on it.

Now is the time to get active! If you’d like to support candidates who are sensitive to your business concerns, and the concerns of your clients, now is the time to act. If you don’t think that agents and brokers should face a massive increase in their B&O taxes, now is the time to take action so that we can help to elect members to the Washington State Legislature who will respond to your concerns.

How can you be involved?
Each agent or company who participates though a donation is strengthening our cause, which is very much appreciated.

Contribute today to the WA PIAPAC. The WA PIAPAC is your best opportunity to support candidates who understand your issues. Get involved today! Some of you can write a check to the PIAPAC for $1,000 or more. If you can, do it now. If a contribution of $500, $250, or $100 is more in line with your budget, please take the time to make the largest contribution that you can … but take action now. Dollars that you give now will help us to be ready to make a difference in key elections. To donate by check, please send your contribution to the WA PIAPAC at the following address:

3205 NE 78th Street, Suite 104
Vancouver, WA 98665-0697

WA PAC Lobbyist

Christine Brewer
Brewer Public Affairs
Olympia, Washington
Phone: 360-628-1698
Email: christine@olygov.com

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Take action now to protect your interests and the health of your business! Thank you for your donation!