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Escalate and accelerate your

earthquake policy sales

For customers, an earthquake often feels like a vague, easy-to-ignore risk, but it’s a significant threat to many people’s largest asset: their homes. Now, you can make earthquake risk clear and relatable for customers, and make your conversations with them more powerful and persuasive — all while saving time.

The credit scoring ban in Washington state means your time is now more precious than ever. With a complete marketing program, you can rapidly identify and contact leads and increase earthquake policy sales by up to 20%. You’ll be ready to hit your revenue and retention goals and have time left to help customers most affected by the ban.

With the Earthquake Risk Tool and

Marketing Program, you get:

• Research-backed, address-specific data on each of your customers.

• Data points that cover multiple aspects of earthquake risk, not just distance to fault line.

• Templates that make marketing earthquake coverage quick, easy and effective.

• Engaging educational content branded with your logo.

The program gives you everything you need to start customer conversations, provide customized risk information and illustrate what those risk factors mean.

This complete package also gives you the freedom to contact the customers you choose, when you choose, so you can precisely time your conversations.

Learn more about the Earthquake Risk Tool and Marketing Program. Contact us today.

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